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ELECTRIC Terrace LIVE – Lukas Norkūnas | Justas Petryla

Throughout the summer, energetic live music concerts will take place on the renovated terrace of the former power plant.

May 31st line up:

7-8 PM– Lukas Norkūnas
8.15-9 PM – Justas Petryla
9.15-10 PM – Justas Petryla

“Elektrinė” is open on the terrace: food and popular drinks are prepared on site. The number of seats is limited.

Lukas Norkūnas:

“I am Lukas Norkūnas from Vilnius. I started playing guitar, singing and writing songs in my teens. I studied philosophy with the motive of finding a pot of gold of meaning for my songwriting and aspired to be a traveling musician. I played in the streets and places in Vilnius, traveled around various Lithuanian cities and towns playing alone and with groups, visited TV and elsewhere. I have released two albums of my own songs in which I played all instruments. In my songs, I strive to balance the emotional load, meaningfulness of words and musical ingenuity.”

Justas Petryla:

“The great artists are always inviting us to celebrate various resounding stage anniversaries. I invite you to celebrate 30 years of activity not only on stage. At least half of the time I’ve lived, the guitar accompanies me – I want to share what I’ve managed to experience during those years. For those who know me, I will play songs you have already heard and liked, as well as some new ones. For those who don’t know me, everything will be new. I wish you pleasant discoveries. The walls of the museum preserve the stories of the past, and we will gather on the roof terrace to create new stories of our own!”

*In good weather, we recommend taking care of sun protection.

Event sponsor – Vilnius city municipality
Partner – Švyturys nealkoholinis

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