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Summer challenge – try out a career in engineering!

From 22-26 of July, the “Tesla Academy“ Day Camp will give participants a unique opportunity to master science and science education and try their hand at engineering. In addition to learning all about the production, storage and transmission of energy, campers will also make a battery, a light bulb, a motor and a small solar power plant with their own hands.

VILNIUS TECH electronics engineer and “Tesla Academy“ curator Andžej Kuldoš says that the camp will take place in several different locations in Vilnius – in the Transformation Hall of the Energy and Technology Museum, where campers will learn about artificial intelligence and the latest technologies, and in the Liepkalnis water storage facility, where they will also spend a lot of time in the open air and conduct scientific experiments in teams.

Discover chemistry and mechanics through hands-on practice in updated science experiments. Engaging experiments – using simple, everyday materials – explain complex physical laws in a way that’s easy to understand and fun. During the practical sessions, campers will be able to carry out experiments in the museum’s workshop”, says the leader of the annual camp.

One of the most interesting experiments, which attracts a lot of attention every year, is the creative task for teams to construct a parachute that would help an egg dropped from the roof of the museum to reach the pavement of Rinktinės Street, Vilnius, without breaking, using only a few everyday household items and the creativity and knowledge acquired during the camp.

According to Kuldoš, summer is a time for students to use their creativity, broaden their horizons, make new friends, learn how to work in a team, and discover their potential in the natural sciences – to try their hand at engineering. When else but now!

Camp shift:
22-26 July, daily from 10 am. to 6.30 pm.

Age of campers:
14-18 years old

Lunch, snacks between activities, drinks.

Camp cost:
285 EUR (200 EUR including subsidy from Vilnius City Municipality);
For socially disadvantaged children: 135 Eur (50 Eur, including subsidy from Vilnius City Municipality). Places are limited.

Price includes:
Excursions, Tesla show, entertainment;
Lessons from the Electronics Workshop Educator, workshop tools and materials;
Lunch, snacks, drinks.

Camp location:
Rinktinės str. 2, Vilnius;
Liepkalnio str. 20, Vilnius

Information for contact:
Camp curator – Andžej Kuldoš, [email protected], 860138397.


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