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Cooperation Between Business and Education – How to Raise the Next Elon Musk?

On April 21st the conference “130 Years of Lithuanian Energy – a Start to the Future of Energy” was held at the Energy and Technology Museum. It introduced the new “Ignitis Group” program for schoolchildren and students #EnergySmartSTART, discussed energy innovations and trends, and the future of the country’s energy with the leaders of companies, universities and museums.

Rector of Kaunas University of Technology prof. Eugenijus Valatka, Head of Organizational Development of “Ignitis Group”, Member of the Board Živilė Skibarkienė, Vice-Rector for “Vilnius Tech” Assoc. dr. Živilė Sederevičiūtė-Pačiauskienė and Chairman of the Board of the Lithuanian Business Angel Network dr. Vladas Lašas discussed cooperation between business and education. Energy and Technology Museum director Mykolas Bistrickas answered the question, how to raise the next Elon Musk in Lithuania?

Discussion “Education and Business Cooperation – Challenges and Needs in the Energy Sector”.

“The mission of the museum is to show, simply present, allow to touch and thus raise interest in engineering, technology and energy. Our future exhibition, Transformation Hall, will be about energy in the past, present and future. Why did we include a future cut? We do not know what the future holds, but we do know what the current scientific challenges are. We want young people to learn about these challenges before they start studying and to get deeper in their studies knowing it,” said Bistrickas.

Presenting Energy and Technology Museum.

The need for a high level of non-formal education was discussed. The museum carries out educational activities for schoolchildren and students during its education, technical creation club and projects, in cooperation with educational institutions and universities.

“What makes us interesting as a museum is that we respond not only to the cultural sector, but also to the technology sector. Our job is to interest young people, families, we have workshops where schoolchildren and students create installations. We see that they are interested in creation itself, a practical touch on engineering. We are glad that we can teach them that together with the universities,” said Bistrickas.

You can find the full recording of the conference in the LRT media library.

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