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Currently IN THE MUSEUM:

Engaging guided tours and Tesla Shows 

Guided tours in English and Russian on weekends

Pilot the Legendary Flight on ETM Roof Terrace

Guided tours and educational activities for the whole family

Group exhibition “Heads, Masks, Mascons“

In the Boiler Hall until April 7th

In the Steam Condenser Hall from until March 3rd

Pilot the Legendary Flight on ETM Roof Terrace

Sound and light installation in Boiler Hall

All day every second weekend

All day every second weekend

future exhibitions:

2024 in Lithuania is announced the year of NATO and the European Union. A new interactive exhibition arrives in spring.

past exhibitions:

ADOMAS VASILIAUSKAS “9 doors of comprehension”

Gertrūda Danisevičiūtė “parallels”

Lithuanian Life Sciences Industry exhibition

ALGIMANTAS ALEKSANDRAVIČIUS “276 steps towards europe”

“ELECTRONICS – benefit, waste – not a problem!” EEPA Association initiated children drawings contest exhibition

EGIDIJUS DARULIS “Decomposition 2”

INGA DINGA “sentimentality wave”

Atomic Energy Exhibition “Particle Splitting”

“Industrial narratives in Lithuanian posters”

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