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Exhibition “Saudade” by a Group of Artists Opens in Steam Condenser Hall

On October 4th at 5 PM the exhibition “Saudade” by a group of artists opens in the Steam Condenser Hall of the Energy and Technology Museum. During the opening, a sound performance NERTI by Dominykas Digimas and Lora Kmieliauskaitė will take place.



What ties longing and hope?

Saudade, like a postcard full of longing, examines the cycle of life, temporariness and the familiar speculations of the future. Living in a world full of anxiety and manipulations, five exhibited artists raise the questions: how does today’s relationship with the environment change tomorrow’s? Where are we going and what will be left behind?

Through paintings, drawings, objects, texts and installations, the exhibition presents the theme of time and interrelationships from different perspectives. In the Energy and Technology Museum in Vilnius, against the backdrop of the interwoven pipelines, these works evoke associations with humanity’s insatiable hunger to seek progress by depleting Earth’s natural resources. However, by doing so, we are on the verge of annihilating humanity.

In the face of an inevitable tomorrow, the search for hope becomes one of the essential aspects of the exhibition. The anxiety and fear of losing what we still have today becomes a daily reminder that what the world needs is not separation, but togetherness. Hope, interrelationships and longing for the past form the three main axes of the exhibition, and dialogue becomes the point of intersection of all of them.

During the creation of the exhibition, the artists worked in four countries, in different time zones, and despite the recurring difficulties of such a process, they managed to foster hope and belief that in order for creativity to flourish, everyone must be willing to participate. Being aware of the complex creative process and the challenges that arise during it, the authors allow their works to acts as witnesses to the hardships we face today and the exhibition serves as another reminder to be present, here and now.


Martynas Pekarskas

Deinora Rudėnaitė


Eimantė Čekauskaitė

Valentina Černiauskaitė

Elžbieta Upė Rozanovaitė

Laura Marija Šalkauskienė

Aušra Turskytė

Graphic design:

Valentina Černiauskaitė

During the opening of the exhibition, the meeting with the artists and a sound performance will take place.

To dive into the sound, or to weave the sounds you hear together? To get out of who you are or to resurface after experiencing what is yet to come?

Digimas is a composer whose practice spans through multiple fields of sound making and experimental music creation. Kmieliauskaitė is a violinist whose work combines different forms of music performance.

The duration of the event is 40 minutes.

Video projection:

Juozapas Švelnys

◾ The exhibition will be on display from October 4th to December 4th.
◾ The opening of the exhibition is on October 4th (Tuesday), 5 PM.
◾ Admission to the opening of the exhibition is free. Visiting the exhibition on other days – after purchasing a museum visitor’s ticket.

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