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EU investments

Currently Energy and Technology Museum is implementing the project “Expansion of the Services of Energy and Technology Museum (By Renovating and Creating Exhibition Spaces)” No. 07.1.1-CPVA-R-305-01-0004, financed under the measure for the implementation of the 2014-2020 Operational Programme for the European Union Funds Investments for the modernization of municipal cultural infrastructure.

Infrastructure of the Energy and Technology Museum before the start of the aforementioned project did not meet the needs of visitors and did not ensure sufficient accessibility and quality of services due to limited access for people with physical disabilities, pregnant women, young families and seniors.

During the implementation of the project, the building located at Rinktinės str. 2, Vilnius, is undergoing renovation and public procurement procedures are held to purchase of equipment and furniture necessary for the service of visitors. The cultural institution implements innovative technological solutions that promote the creative presentation of information to different groups of visitors and the involvement of visitors in the experience-based cognitive process.

Modern technological solutions create a center of attraction, where various educational, creative activities and cultural events will take place. In this context, the quality and accessibility of the services provided by the cultural institution are improved. It is hoped that a modernized cultural infrastructure that meets the needs of modern society will contribute to the creation of higher quality cultural services and stimulate additional visitor traffic flows.

Financed from the budgets of the European Union Regional Development Fund and the Vilnius City Municipality.

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