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Discover an interactive space created next to the impressive control panel of the old power plant of Vilnius. The power plant Control Panel Simulator is made for you to try to operate the power plant as an engineer by eliminating an emergency situation in the city!

By recreating real historical events, the simulator reveals an intriguing part of Vilnius history. The recreation of these events were possible thanks to various historical documents from the archives, which describe the course of the accident.

We have created the simulator together with the engineers from the company Vilnius Šilumos Tinklai as well as former power plant employees, who contributed to the project not only with their know-how, but also by sharing their stories about working at the power plants of Vilnius.

By using the Control Panel Simulator, not only will you learn about the history of the first power plant of Vilnius and its operating principles, but also enjoy the feeling of an adrenaline rush, because the time to manage the emergency situation is limited!

The Control Panel Simulator was installed in Energy and Technology Museum at the expense of the Lithuanian Council for Culture.

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