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From January 23rd – Salvija Vaičikonytė’s Exhibition “Horizons”

On January 23rd, “Horizons”, an exhibition of oil paintings by Salvija Vaičikonytė, opens in the Steam Condenser Hall of the Energy and Technology Museum, inviting you to travel through the mountains of Georgia, the deserts of Iran and the streets of Vilnius. The opening will take place on January 23rd, at 5.30 PM. The exhibition will be open until March 3rd.

Salvija Vaičikonytė (born 1995) is an illustrator and a solo traveler. More than once she left with a one-way ticket. However, she often comes back to rest or when she loses her passport or jumps off the cliffs, sometimes too high. However, this does not deter from the desire to know the world and face the unknown and herself.

“Every time I see the mountains, I am fascinated by their grandeur, and when the sun sets, the changing colours challenge me to try to paint them first, usually on paper or an iPad, and then on the canvas when I get home. This is how I try to preserve the magic of that brief moment and the possibility of looking at the work to return to the past adventure. Maybe this way I will inspire you to dare to go on adventures too,” says the author.

Salvija has illustrated children’s books, participated in several group exhibitions and held several personal exhibitions abroad and in Lithuania. See more on “Myportfolio” or “Instagram”.

Photo courtesy of Monika Jasevičiūtė

◾ The exhibition will be on display from January 23rd to March 3rd.
◾ The 
opening of the exhibition will take place on January 23rd, at 5.30 PM. The event is free of admission charge.
◾ Visiting the exhibition on other days – after purchasing a museum visitor’s ticket.

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