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On April 5th Petras Lincevičius Exhibition “Counting Time with Pink Sand” Opens

On April 5th the exhibition of Petras Lincevičius “Counting Time with Pink Sand” opens at the Energy and Technology Museum. Lincevičius (born 1990) is a painter of the young generation, born in Marijampolė and studied at the Vilnius Academy of Arts. In 2015, he was chosen as the best young artist at the “ArtVilnius” art fair. Since then, his work has complemented the collections of the MO Museum, Luciano Benetton, “Abu Dhabi ArtHub” and other private and public collections. Lincevičius is a lecturer at the Kaunas Faculty of the Vilnius Academy of Arts, the organizer of the Šilavotas Plein Air, and the founder and head of the Šilavotas Interdisciplinary Center.

Author about the exhibition:

“A steady stream of sand flows through the narrow glass opening in the watch. The hump increases as it fills the bottom of the clock. When the grains of sand fall, a slight and gentle squeak is heard, when in fact it is the result of the squeaking of the mills of time. I am among them, like everyone around me. The sound waves of this squeak infiltrate the environment and people, scratch the surface, wrinkle the skin, take away the colors from the eyes. However, the ears only catch a gentle crunch of sand particles, just as the eyes do not see the difference between the individual grains of sand, which look through the microscope as sculptural objects of various bright colors and shapes.

Although many and inhumanly accurate devices have been developed to break down and count time into the smallest particles, they do not control time. We always stay at the counting desk. My watch is filled with pink sand. It counts 15 minutes until the sand falls from the top to the bottom. I use it when I paint or work in the studio. It helps to make time more efficient, although I find it interesting to play with the flow of an hourglass – I turn it and the stream flows faster, I turn up and down, shake and put it back in its place on the desk next to the broken flint I found while walking on the mainland dune in Šilavotas.

Turning the watch makes me feel like I’m annoying the Time itself in a closed glass jar. Sometimes I like to watch this stream of sand as it forms a heap of time at the same rhythm which, when inverted, begins all over again. It seems that part of this heap has moved into my thoughts, thinking, and then into paintings. I understand that this watch is not accurate and that the color of the sand in it is not natural. It is more a matter of time in my studio – a closed space – so the pink color and the paintings in which it becomes a character are painted with fast-drying acrylic paints that represent a modern fast life from a personal point of view. In this way, the personal environments, stories, narratives and color fragments intertwine in paintings, which merge into each other and sink into the current of the hourglass and a pink hump.”


◾ The exhibition will be on display from April 5th to May 30th.
◾ The opening of the exhibition is on April 5th (Tuesday), 5 PM.
Admission to the opening of the exhibition is free. Visiting the exhibition on other days – after purchasing a museum visitor’s ticket. 


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