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Privacy Policy

This data privacy policy (hereinafter referred to as the Privacy Policy) applies to all personal data that you provide to us or that we collect and process for you using the services provided by VšĮ Lietuvos energetikos muziejus (hereinafter referred to as the Museum).

The Museum respects your privacy and protects your personal information that you provide to us and that we collect in accordance with this Privacy Policy. This Privacy Policy explains why we collect your personal information and how we use it.


When registering for or organizing events, guided tours and renting the Museum premises, the Museum may ask visitors (or tenants) to provide their names, e-mail addresses, addresses, and telephone numbers.

We will process your personal data for the purposes of Museum administration, statistics, security, feedback, assistance to Museum visitors and protection of Museum property. In the case of events and guided tours, your data is processed on the basis of consent, and in the case of renting the Museum premises – on the basis of the lease agreement (in order to conclude and execute the contract).

In the case of a rental agreement, your data will be stored for 10 years after the end of the agreement, and in the case of events and guided tours – for 1 year.


Filming and photography are carried out for the purposes of the Museum’s representation, advertising and yearbook administration.

The controller of personal data (videos or photos) collected during events or exhibitions is the Museum, which may transfer the videos to third parties who help to organize the event and carry out advertising, prepare presentation material. Such individuals may include creators and distributors of promotional materials, database software providers, database and website administration service providers, cloud service providers and other.

Videos and / or photos made during the event and their excerpts may be published and broadcast live on the Museum’s Facebook, Instagram, Twitter accounts, website, as well as in other means of advertising or information dissemination.

During the events, photos and videos are taken in accordance with our legitimate interest in capturing the events taking place in the Museum and using this material for presentation, advertising and yearbook administration purposes.

Photos and videos will be stored for 5 years from the moment they are taken.


We process the personal data (name, surname, e-mail address, CV, motivation letter and position) of candidates who have sent their CVs directly to us by e-mail or through job advertisement portals in order to select candidates for the position. We process this personal data of candidates on the basis of consent. We keep the personal data of the candidates until the selection for the specific position takes place. Data shall only be stored for a longer period of time with the consent of the candidate.

When selecting for a job position, we only process personal data of candidates that is relevant to their qualifications, professional abilities and subject characteristics. We do not collect or process sensitive personal data of candidates.

Data on the fact of the job interview that took place (name, surname of the candidate, time of the job interview) is kept for 10 years from the respective job interview.


Our website uses cookies. Cookies are text files that contain a small amount of information that is sent to your browser and stored on your computer, mobile phone or other device when you visit a website. Every time you visit the same website, cookies send information back to that website. With the help of cookies your data is collected on the basis of consent, except for strictly mandatory cookies.


Websites also contain certain components that are transmitted by Google Analytics, a web traffic analysis service provided by Google Inc. These are third-party cookies that are collected and processed anonymously in order to monitor and improve the performance of the main website (performance improvement cookie). Google Analytics uses cookies to collect and analyze anonymous information about the actions of users of the website. This information is collected by Google Analytics, which processes it to generate reports for website owners on site activity. More information is available at and

You have the option to opt out of installing Google Analytics in your browser by selecting the “opt-out” component in Google. To disable Google Analytics, click this link.


We would like to emphasize that no personally identifiable information is collected and any information collected is used for traffic analysis purposes only. We collect the following information from the cookies we use:

  • total number of users visited;
  • user time spent on the page;
  • number of pages viewed / viewed per session by users;
  • new / old visitor ratio;
  • what browser the page was visited in, its version and language; the location from which the page was visited;
  • the device on which the page was viewed (desktop, tablet, or mobile phone);
  • how the page was accessed (by typing the web address directly into the browser, through search engines (Google, Bing, etc.), through social networks (Facebook, etc.), through other links.


You can manage and / or delete cookies at your discretion. You can delete all saved cookies on your computer, and in most browsers you can choose not to save cookies. Keep in mind that disabling cookies may cause you to lose access to many features that are also necessary for the operation of websites. For more information about cookies, visit There’s a more detailed and independent information on how to disable cookies in your browser settings and how to delete cookies that are already on your computer. To delete cookies from your mobile phone, see your phone’s user guide.


When the Museum conducts surveys, the visitor must provide their age, gender, and the city in which they live. This data is not associated with a specific visitor and the visitor is not personally identifiable.


We process and store all of your personal data that we collect through the above means for no longer than is necessary for the purposes set out in this Privacy Policy.

We will store and process your personal data for direct marketing purposes for 3 years from the opening of the last newsletter. Please note that you can unsubscribe from our newsletters at any time by contacting us by email [email protected] or just click the button “unsubscribe” at the bottom of the newsletter.

Other terms of personal data retention are set forth in this Privacy Policy.


The controller of your personal data will be VšĮ Lietuvos energetikos muziejus (address Rinktinės str. 2, Vilnius). Your personal information will not be disclosed to any person other than the Museum’s partners without whom the services described in this Privacy Policy cannot be operated smoothly. Such individuals may include database software providers, database and website administration service providers, cloud service providers, and other. Your personal data may also be disclosed to government or law enforcement agencies, such as the police or regulatory authorities, but only upon their request and only when required by applicable law or to ensure the rights of us or the security of our customers, employees and resources.


You have the right to refuse to provide your personal data. However, it is necessary and essential for the purposes set out in this Privacy Policy, and failure to provide your personal data may result in the Museum failing to meet the purposes set out in this Privacy Policy.

Without providing personal data, you will not be able to register a guided tour and / or education, enter into a lease agreement for the Museum premises or conclude a purchase and sale agreement. Also, without submitting your data when applying for a job position, you will not be able to participate in the selection. By not accepting the cookies we use, you will not be able to browse our website smoothly and conveniently.


We apply the security and processing requirements set out in the Law of the Republic of Lithuania on Legal Protection of Personal Data and the General Data Protection Regulation of the European Union to data processing.

The Museum shall take appropriate technical and organizational measures to ensure the protection of all personal data processed against accidental or unlawful destruction or accidental loss, alteration, unauthorized disclosure or access and against all other forms of unlawful processing.


You have the following rights regarding your personal data:

1) request that the Museum grant access to the data and correct or delete them, or restrict the processing of the data;

2) the right to object to the processing of data;

3) the right to receive personal data in a structured, commonly used and computer-readable format (right to data portability);

4) the right to withdraw consent;

5) the right to submit a complaint to the State Data Protection Inspectorate.

You may exercise these rights by contacting the Museum at the contacts listed in this Privacy Policy.


In order to exercise your rights regarding your personal data or to have questions about this Privacy Policy, you can contact us in a convenient way:

Všį Lietuvos energetikos muziejus
Rinktinės str. 2, 09312 Vilnius
Phone: +370 5 275 4312
E-mail: [email protected]

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