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“The Machines of Leonardo da Vinci”

In the Turbine Hall, the interactive exhibition „The Machines of Leonardo da Vinci“ is open. The exhibition consists of several dozen large, small, interactive exhibits and reproductions of Leonardo da Vinci‘s most famous works.

The exhibition shows the versatile genius of the painter of “Mona Lisa”, who sketched out plans for helicopter as early as in the 15th century. Among few dozen inventions reconstructed on the basis of original Leonardo da Vinci sketches, one can admire, among others, war machines, flying machines and hydraulic devices. Thanks to interactive exhibits, everyone can experience themselves the mechanisms of these inventions that were centuries ahead of their time and an inspiration for contemporary engineering.

Da Vinci is considered to be the greatest mind in the history of mankind, who was hundreds of years ahead of his time. 200 years before Isaac Newton, he wrote: “Every weight tends to fall towards the centre by the shortest possible way”. 400 years before Charles Darwin, he put the man in the same category as apes and monkeys.

As a true Renaissance man, he was at the same time: painter, sculptor, architect, philosopher, musician, poet, explorer, mathematician, mechanic, physicist, anatomist, inventor and geologist. His numerous projects include submarine, flying machines, a parachute, a diving suit, a tank driven by human muscles, various excavators, cranes and many other devices and constructions. The master’s paintings, on the other hand, such as “Mona Lisa”, “The Last Supper” or “The Vitruvian Man”, are considered to be the most outstanding works of all time.

Organized by: Energy and Technology Museum and “Organization of Exhibitions“

Financed by: Vilnius City Municipality

Information partner: LRT vaikai

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