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On June 7th the Exhibition of Group Artists “Other Energy” Opens

On June 7th at 5 PM the exhibition “Other Energy” by group of artists opens in the Energy and Technology Museum. About the exhibition:
“A power plant, a place where other types of energy are converted into electricity, metaphorically represents the transformation of energy. This process became the starting point for the exhibition “Other Energy”, where painters offer another version of energy exchange.
The experiences of artists of different generations, from young artists who have just finished their studies to the laureate of Lithuanian National Prize for Culture and Arts, are displayed in the exhibition in a wide range of forms, formats, expressions and plots. When asking what is the energy that drives painting, painters find its origins everywhere: in dreams and memories, in faith, in the processes of the human body, in daily rituals, in the pervasiveness of modern technology and the all-pervading flow of digital images, in personal emotions and relationships. Visualizing the transformation of various forms of energy into works of painting, artists focus on the basic elements of painting – color, stroke, light, discovering authentic ways of speaking with images through their unique combinations.
Displayed in the environment of the former power plant among equipment dating back decades, the exhibition highlights the shifts of historical and pictorial time, their contradictions and overlaps. Communicating with the museum’s exposition, the building’s past and present, the artworks continue to produce meaning, exchanging energy, charging the environment and each other. According to the law of conservation of energy, energy does not come from nowhere and does not disappear anywhere, and one type of energy can transform or be changed into another type of energy. Therefore, the exhibition reminds us of the continuous and constantly renewing cycle of the production of images and stories. Constantly turning to the yesterday of painting, artists discover new possibilities in it, expand the boundaries of painting, thus trying to sense the methods of constructing tomorrow’s image – to guess the future of painting.”

Justina Augustytė


Exhibition curator

Andrius Zakarauskas



Jovita Aukštikalnytė

Šarūnas Baltrukonis

Indrė Ercmonaitė

Monika Furmana

Vidmantas Ilčiukas

Gerda Malinauskaitė

Agnė Jonkutė

Gintarė Konderauskaitė

Eglė Marcinkevičiūtė

Indrė Mikašauskaitė

Justinas Mikulskis

Ričardas Nemeikšis

Vidas Poškus

Povilas Ramanauskas

Medeinė Revuckaitė

Eglė Ridikaitė

Adelė Urbanavičiūtė

Aira Urbonavičiūtė

Mantas Valentukonis

Andrius Zakarauskas


◾ The exhibition will be on display from June 7th to August 29th.
◾ The opening of the exhibition is on June 7th (Tuesday), 5 PM.
Admission to the opening of the exhibition is free. Visiting the exhibition on other days – after purchasing a museum visitor’s ticket. 

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