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Guided Tour With Panagiotis Kotsanas at the Exhibition “Archimedes and His Time”

The interactive traveling exhibition “Archimedes and His Time” has arrived in Vilnius from Athens. The exhibits are collected from the Museum of Ancient Greek Technology Kostas Kotsanas. Konstantinos Kotsanas, the founder of the museum, is visiting Lithuania.

On May 2nd at 6 PM his son Panagiotis Kotsanas will present the high technologies of the ancient Greeks in the guided tour. Event will be held in English.

“The exhibition explores the pivotal role played by figures such as Archimedes, whose inventions continue to inspire awe and admiration centuries later. From the Antikythera Calculating Mechanism to the automatic servant by Philon, the legacy of ancient Greek technology is woven into the fabric of human history,” said P. Kotsanas, who is visiting Vilnius.

From robots, the first cinema, the analog computer, the first vending machine that sold customers… holy water after church working hours, to military engineering, measuring the distances between celestial bodies, cryptographic methods, scientific illusions, sports, games and many more – 350 ancient inventions and their interactive copies have been restored in 4 museums of technology.

10 kg of sand and 40 l of water – that much will be used in interactive exhibits during the period of the exhibition.

Event is free of admission charge.
Registration is here.
Visiting the exhibition other days is for museum visitor ticket +3,50 Eur/person.

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