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“November. Alpha. Tango. Oscar.“ Interactive NATO Exhibition – From March 29th

On March 29, to commemorate the 20th anniversary of Lithuania’s membership in NATO and the European Union and the 75th anniversary of NATO, the Energy and Technology Museum presents an interactive exhibition “November. Alpha. Tango. Oscar.“. The exhibition consists of four interactive simulators – parachute, drone suppression, communications and shooting simulators – as well as dozens of historical and modern military industry exhibits.

Moving towards independence, Lithuania knew that it might have to defend itself with armed forces. The collective security provided by NATO was the most optimal solution to prevent a new invasion of aggressors. The long and intricate process required political, military and economic preparation and lasted more than 10 years.

This interactive exhibition presents historical weaponry and today’s high technologies testifying the country’s past and the evolution of the defense industry in Lithuania. Among several dozen exhibits, visitors will have the opportunity to see historical pistols, training grenades, unmanned aerial vehicles used today, telecommunications equipment, modern trophies, and many more objects that shape the history, present, and future of Lithuania-NATO.

The exhibition’s title employs the NATO phonetic alphabet, assigning each letter a specific word. This standard is used to minimizes errors and misunderstandings among soldiers, especially if they are from different countries.

Adapting to the evolving international security landscape, NATO adjusts its structures and strategies. Lithuania, a country with a small area and population, contributes to the alliance with the development of high technologies and leads in intellectual resources.

The exhibition will be on display from March 29th to December 31th, 2024. Official presentation of the exhibition will take place on April 6th.

Implemented by: Energy and Technology Museum

Financed by: Ministry of National Defence of Lithuania, Office of the Government of the Republic of LithuaniaVilnius City Municipality

Partners: Vytautas the Great War MuseumLithuanian armyGeneral Jonas Žemaitis Military Academy of LithuaniaMartynas Mažvydas National Library of Lithuania, National Museum of Lithuania, NT Service, RSI EuropeAdos proGranta SolutionsBrolis Semiconductors,  ATRI, Center for Physical Sciences and Technology

Information partner: LRT Kids

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