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Free Sunday at Liepkalnis Water Storage

Liepkalnis Water Storage is one of the most interesting underground structures in Vilnius. The water storage facility was established in 1916 and used until 1987. Only in 2023, the strategic facility of the city’s water supply system become open to the public.

Join Energy and Technology Museum guides to the 5 metre-deep water point, where you will not only learn about the history of Vilnius, but will also be taken on a unique journey of sounds and echoes.

Liepkalnis Water Storage

Guided tour times:

◾ 11 AM
◾ 12 PM
◾ 1 PM
◾ 2.30 PM
◾ 3.30 PM
◾ 4:30 PM

Pre-registration is here.

Working hours: from 11 AM to 6 PM
Address: Liepkalnis st. 20, Vilnius

Information for travellers to the Liepkalnis Water Storage Facility: parking is available in the Liepkalnis School parking lot (Liepkalnio str. 18). Take public transport to the Liepkalnis Water Storage. The nearest bus stop is Stadionas.

Organized by: Energy and Technology Museum
Sponsor: Vilnius City Municipality
Liepkalnis Water Storage belongs to the water management company „Vilniaus vandenys“.

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