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Happy Teachers’ Day!

We congratulate teachers, lecturers and all education workers on the upcoming Teachers’ Day. Together with the Vilnius City Municipality and EDU Vilnius, we contribute to the creation of a memorable Teacher’s Day celebration:

  • On October 5th – visiting the Energy and Technology Museum will be free of charge;
  • On October 6the at 4 PM – the educational program “How Did Thomas Light up the Light Bulb?” During it, the guide-educator will introduce the essential principles of ETM informal education – the combination of theory and practical workshops, when interactive educational activities develop logical, critical thinking and creativity;
  • On October 7th at 4 PM museum guided tour will take place. The first public power plant of the city of Vilnius operated in these premises from 1903 to 1998. During the guided tour, you will see authentic museum spaces and exhibitions, the most interesting corners of the former power plant, interactive exhibits, and learn about the important history of the modernization of the museum and the city of Vilnius.

The number of participants in one education/guided tour is limited to 30 people.

Registration is here.

The complete Teacher’s Day program is here.

Present the “Vilnius card” for Vilnius education workers or the employee’s certificate at the museum’s info center.

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