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Energy and Technology Museum invites schoolchildren aged 14-17 to the “Tesla Academy” summer day camp. It will take place in the former central power plant of Vilnius (Rinktinės st. 2), where the museum and creative spaces are now located: electronics, chemistry, photography and mechanics workshops.

Camp participants will get to know and learn how to use workshop equipment: 3D printers, three-dimensional image scanner, wide-format plotter, electronic equipment, CO2 laser. After acquiring initial knowledge, the participants will divide into work groups and together with the camp curators will produce their first prototypes.

They will also take part in daily museum tours and educations. During the excursions, they will learn about electrical transformations, energy and Lithuanian industry and they will apply the knowledge gained during the education in practice – make a battery, a light bulb, an engine and even a small solar power plant.

The camp will be led by ETM guides-educators, among the educational activities the museum interns will organize fun and active activities for the camp participants.

Tesla (electronics) Workshop.

Camp day:

10 AM – arrival, getting to know each other

10:15 AM – educational sessions (“Fraday’s Movement”, “Photography: The World in a Matchbox”, “Ignitis Class”)

11:45 AM – team building games (monster and a human rope, star with rope, spaghetti bridge)

1 PM – lunch

2 PM – scientific experiments in chemistry, mechanics and electronics workshops

2:45 PM – technical creation workshops: modeling and 3D printing, lasering, engraving, textile printing and T-shirt production

5 PM – educational activities (“How did Thomas Light Up a Light Bulb”, “Illusions – Science, Mysticism or Deception?”, “Light up! This is How a Power Station Works”, “Made in Vilnius”)

6:30 PM – discussion of the day with the curators, going home

Curie (chemistry) Workshop.

Camp shift:

July 25-29, daily from 10 AM to 6:30 PM.

Age of campers:

14-17 years old.


Lunch, snacks between activities, drinks.

Camp price:

285 Eur (200 Eur, including the subsidy of the Vilnius City Municipality);

For socially supported children – 135 Eur (50 Eur, including the subsidy of the Vilnius City Municipality).

The price includes:

Excursions, educational activities in the museum, entertainment;

Electronics workshop educator lessons, workshop tools and materials (3D plastic, T-shirts, pencils, acrylic, electronic components);

Lunch, snacks, drinks.

Camp location:

Rinktinė str. 2, Vilnius.

Information for inquiries:

The curator of the camp is Andžej Kuldoš, [email protected], 8 (5) 275 4312.

Registration. The number of participants is limited.

The summer day camp is sponsored by Vilnius City Municipality.

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