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Make Like a Tree Free Concert on the ETM Roof Terrace

Ukrainian musician and artist Make Like a Tree is touring Europe. On June 6th he will stop in Vilnius. On ETM Roof Terrace – his free indie/folk/electronic performance.
Make Like a Tree is a quintessential of travels expressed in music and photography created by Sergey Onischenko – artist from Ukraine who is touring round the world and spreading his indie-folk tunes with a touch of non-conformism and Beat Generation ideas and exhibiting his minimalistic landscape photography taken in omnifarious places during his journeys.

Photo by Igor Burba.

6.30 PM – “A Journey Into History” – guided tour on ETM roof terrace. During the tour the ETM guide will tell you about the history of Vilnius’ modernization and the most important inventions: telegraph, television and electricity;
8.00 PM – Start of the concert;
 11 PM – The museum is closing.
During the events, ETM power café “Elektrinė“ is open, which will take care of your snacks and drinks.
The event is free.
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