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November 21st Is World Television Day

On that occasion, ETM congratulates Lithuanian and foreign broadcasters and reminds how the Vilnius TV tower was erected in the capital.

The tallest tower in Vilnius, reaching 326.4 meters, was built to improve the transmission of the newly emerging color television signal. The architect David Basiladze designed the upper part of the tower to resemble the Gediminas’ Castle Tower.

The superstructure was assembled at the bottom and on 18 February 1978, the 100-ton frame was lifted to its design height in 1.5 hours by three cables for the first time in the world. This was an important technological achievement at the time.

According to experts, the building should last 300 years.

More about the Vilnius TV tower and other innovations of the capital – on the thematic tour at the ETM roof terrace “History of Vilnius Modernization” and at the information stands located here.

Photo courtesy of “Telecentras” Archives. Construction of Vilnius TV tower, 1979-1980. 

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