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On October 30th – “Saudade” Conversations With Artists And Curators

What ties longing and hope?
On October 30th, from 11.30 AM and 2.30 PM, we invite you to visit the Energy and Technology Museum, located at Rinktinės St. 2 Vilnius, to hear stories and speculations on the future in the exhibition SAUDADE.
“Saudade, like a postcard full of aching longing, a message about the cycle of life and humanity’s speculative relationship with time it still has. Living the 21st century, in a world filled with anxiety, in a time full of uncertainty, the future seems unclear. Facing the unpredictable tomorrow, five exhibited artists raise the question of how our current relationship with the environment today will change the coming tomorrow? Where are we going as a species and what will we leave behind us as individuals?”

Exhibition “Saudade” in the Condenser Hall of the Energy and Technology Museum. Photo courtesy of Marija Brusokaitė

The works will be presented by artists Eimantė Čekauskaitė and Laura Marija Šalkauskienė as well as curators Deinora Rudėnaitė and Martynas Pekarskas.
On October 30th visiting the exhibition and museum is free of admission charge.
The exhibition will be on display until December 4th.
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