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Elektrinė Announces an Open Call for Performers in the Summer of 2024

Last summer season, concerts were held on the roof terrace of the Energy and Technology Museum, where artists from Ukraine, Italy, young and already known creators performed, two albums were presented, including a new genre epic-cinematic pop album. The events were open and free. At the time, the cafe “Elektrinė” was open on the terrace, and it is now announcing a new open call for performers for the summer season 2024.
In the months of June-August, 2023, the following performed on the roof terrace of the museum: Justė Kraujelytė and Domibu, performer, photo artist from Ukraine Make Like a Tree, Italian multi-instrumentalist Gaia Mobilij, electronic music creator KooperatiV with a fire show, group “Morėsakys”, duets “Sun Francisco” and “Komforto zona”, singer Agnė Buškevičiūtė presented her epic-sounding debut album “New Start”.

This summer, we are again inviting performers, bards, instrumentalists and other sound artists to present their work and perform on the terrace with a spectacular view of the capital’s skyline. The museum is open to creators and artists of various genres and styles.

Conditions: we offer space, sound and communication. In rainy weather, there is an option to move indoors.

We are waiting for applications until April 30th via e-mail [email protected]. In the letter, please indicate the artist or group, briefly introduce the expected program and attach examples of your work. More information – via [email protected].
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