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We Are Recruiting a New “Tesla Academy” Group

Starting from September, the “Tesla Academy” technical creation club for 14-17-year-old students will open again in the Energy and Technology Museum. Classes are held in the Electronics Workshop of the museum (the first public Vilnius power plant), which is named after the inventor, physicist, mechanical and electrical engineer Nikola Tesla.

What do we do here? We learn to use modern technologies such as 3D printers, wide format plotters, microcontrollers and other electronics. After getting acquainted with the equipment, we create the chosen item: a photo-lamp, smart home system or museum exhibit. After graduating from “Tesla Academy”, participants acquire the basics of programming, soldering and electronics.

The technical creation club develops engineering thinking and competences, creativity, is focused on the implementation of set goals, problem solving and learning through practice.

The club is unique in that it is guided by the principles of non-formal education – students try out various technologies, discover their field of interest and deepen their knowledge in the chosen field: engineering, electronics, programming.

The participants create and implement individual or group projects. Class management is flexible and adapted to the knowledge and needs of each student. Class educator is electronics engineer and curator of Electronics Workshops Andžej Kuldoš.

Why should you participate in the “Tesla Academy”?

  • The workshop is equipped with the latest equipment;
  • Integrated engineering, electronics, programming classes;
  • Attention to the needs and knowledge of each student;
  • Combined individual and team work;
  • Learning through practice;
  • Activities take place in an authentic space – the historical Vilnius Central power plant;
  • A competent educator.

“Tesla Academy” program:

  • First meeting – introduction, getting to know each other;
  • First month – we will get acquainted and learn how to work safely with the equipment (five FDM technology and one SLA technology 3D printer, wide format plotter, microcontrollers, sensors and other electronic components), we will get to know the main principles of their operation and the possibilities of use;
  • Open sessions. Divided into small groups, we will experiment;
  • Using the acquired knowledge and skills, each of us will individually implement the selected technical creation project;
  • Discussion of the school year – challenges and successes.

Classes are held two times per week (4 academic hours in total).

The price is 110 eur/month   90 eur/month. (The program is granted a discount from the non-formal education basket of the Vilnius City Municipality.)

Pre-registration is here. Number of places: 20.

More information: [email protected].

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