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„Skamba skamba kankliai” night music concert at ETM

Energy and technology museum will be hosting „Skamba skamba kankliai” night music concert on Friday, May 24.

„Skamba skamba kankliai” is an annual international folk festival that has been taking place in Vilnius since 1973. It is one of the very few authentic festivals of folk music in Europe.

There will be festival guests performing in the night music concert: „Vyazanka” from Belarus, „Bolnela” from Georgia and „Kralytsya” from Ukraine.

Let’s spend the evening together surrounded by international traditional music in a mysterious industrial space – the old power plant of Vilnius!

Night music event on Facebook 

You can find the whole programme of „Skamba skamba kankliai” at Skamba skamba kankliai 2019 or

Admission is free.

See you at #ETM!

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