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The city of Vilnius in the 19th-20th centuries

1st shelf (from above)

1. Street number with a lantern “UL. WILKOMIRSKA 121. 4 kom“ (Ukmergė st.). 1930s, Vytenis Urba collection.

In the 1930s houses in Vilnius were marked with such numbers, which also indicated the number of the police station.

2. The fragment of a street light pole. Late 19th- early 20th-century. Gift by National Commission for Cultural Heritage.

In 1864, gas lights were built in the central streets and squares of Vilnius. In 1898, kerosene lamps lit up.

3. Telephone receivers. Russia, 1917. “Kauno energija“ deposit.

In 1896, the Vilnius telephone station started to work. It had 150 subscribers at that time.

4. Hanging carbide lamp. Carbide reaction takes place in the tank with water and inflammable gas acetylene is formed. “Laternerfabrik Heinrich Gillet“ hanging oil lamp, Germany, late 19th century Vytenis Urba collection.

2nd shelf (middle)

1, 2.Vilnius’ home locks.

3rd shelf (bottom)  

Vilnius’ construction tools. . Late 19th- early 20th-century. Vytenis Urba collection:

1. Planers;
2. Tinsmith equipment;
3. A tool to mark timber’s cubic capacity;
4. A tool to sharpen the teeth of a saw;
5. A drill.

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