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On January 10th – Evening Walk On the Power Station’s Steam Boilers

For the first time in the history of the power plant, a unique walking trail above the monumental steam boilers opens up to visitors. On January 10th, at 6 PM, we invite you to discover the valuable features of the exhibits of the power plant and hear the history of the steam boilers, which is closely linked to the history of the modernisation of Vilnius city.

In the steam boiler walking trail, we will invite you to try out an interactive sound system and an audio guide telling you how the boilers came into being, why the power plant was necessary for the residents of the capital, and the daily routine of its employees and the peculiarities of work.

Walking trail above the power plant steam boilers

During the event:

 Guided tours to learn the fascinating history of the old Vilnius Power Plant will take place;
 At 7 PM, there will be a guided tour with the pilot Jurgis Kairys “The Pilot Jurgis Kairys Chooses the Leonardo da Vinci’s Machine”. Pre-registration is required;
 Cafe “Elektrinė” will provide fragrant coffee and fresh desserts during the events.

The steam boiler tour is 15 minutes, the power station tour is 30 minutes. The event is free of charge.

Read more about the museum’s new project here.

Funded by: Lithuanian Council for Culture and Vilnius City Municipality

Partner: Lithuanian Senior Energy Club

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