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A Tour With The Maestro: “Pilot Jurgis Kairys Chooses the Leonardo da Vinci’s Machine”

On January 10th, at 7 PM, at the exhibition “The Machines of Leonardo da Vinci” – an exclusive guided tour with Jurgis Kairys “Jurgis Kairys chooses Leonardo da Vinci’s machine” will take place.

The maestro will talk about da Vinci’s flying machines. In good weather, dressed warmly and with hot drinks, we will go up to the roof terrace to see the night sky of Vilnius and to remember the flight of Steponas Darius and Stasys Girėnas across the Atlantic.

Jurgis Kairys. Photo from personal album

Tour themes:

  • Could da Vinci’s ideas and observations about flight have been useful to future inventors in the design and construction of the first flying machines? Could the flight machines invented 500 years ago have led to modern aviation?
  • Da Vinci’s air drill can be identified today as a helicopter. In his notes, the inventor explains that the machine would work as if it were a screw penetrating the air, so that when it rotated, it would cause take-off.
  • Do the modern engineers and da Vinci have much in common? Perhaps da Vinci had some advantages over modern professionals?
  • Why did da Vinci never develop a flying machine, and if he had, why would it probably not have been successful?
  • Why did the world have to wait another 400 years or so after da Vinci’s death for a flying machine that could actually fly? Who were the first people to make a successful flight?

The event is free of charge. Participation is limited.

Registration is here.

On the same day, from 6 PM, there will be guided tours of the power plant and the newly opened walking trail on the historic steam boilers here.

The exhibition is organized by: Energy and Technology Museum and “Organization of Exhibitions“
Financed by: Vilnius City Municipality
Information partner: LRT vaikai

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