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Concert for Theremin “FrenkelVox” and Video Projections “Spot-Lightning” in the Courtyard of ETM

On the International Museum Night ’23, May 13rd, the expositions of the Energy and Technology Museum will be open for visits free of admission charge, on the roof terrace at 8, 9.30 and 11.00 PM free night tours “Vilnius Modernization History” will be held, and from 8.30 PM to midnight scientific experiments for visitors of all ages will take place.

From 9.30 PM, in the courtyard of the ETM – a musical program: concert for the “FrenkelVox” theremin instrument and video projections “Spot-Lightning”. Three new compositions will be performed by the creator of sound art, educator Tata Frenkel, and the author of projections Nidas Kaniušas. Theremin concert – for an additional fee.


Tata Frenkel
Concert for theremin

Duration – 1 hour

“Not to touch antenna, not to play if the voice (vox) doesn’t belong to you, no cloud camouflage to freeze if a ball lightning.”

Performer of experimental music and sound art, educator, researcher Tata Frenkel will play three compositions prepared for theremin instrument, for performer’s created instrument Frenkelvox and synthesizers. Performer is one of the few thereminists in Lithuania.

Theremin instrument is electronic music instrument that is played by changing hand position in electromagnetic field that is generated around pitch antenna. Instrument was created and patented in 1928 by Leon Theremin. It is also known as ætherphone and thereminvox.


Nidas Kaniušas
Video projections

Duration – 2.5 hours

“The cloud tensely waits for the flash: some electric flicker – then something can be seen; any other nervous vibration and it really glows; as it crumbles low, a pillar of smoke rises above.”

Nidas Kaniušas is a creator of site specific art installations, VR, 3D, video projections for stage and audiovisual arts. In his artistic practice, he uses and relies on heard or made up stories, themes intertwined with history, folklore and the horror genre in contemporary art.

Doors – 9.30 PM
Start – 10 PM
Concert price: 10 Eur for adults; 6 Eur for children, students, seniors and visitors with disabilities.
Tickets – on the spot.

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