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February 16th at ETM

On the day of the restoration of the state of Lithuania, ETM will be visited by the Film forum of European countries “Scanorama”. The organizers of the festival will invite you to get involved in a cinematic adventure and feel like discoverers, detectives and time travelers – the program “Interwar Lithuania Through the Lens of Film Chronicles (1938)” will be shown all day in the Boiler Hall.

Programmer, film restorer, archivist Aleksas Gilaitis: “This is an eloquent historical document that reveals a living connection between the past and the present. Dates and political circumstances change, but a person’s view of himself and the environment around him does not change. It is a cinematic adventure that denies that chronicles are only the territory of historians and archivists.”

Book fair. The books of the “Baltos lankos” publishing house at the publisher’s prices. All day in the main, Boiler Hall. On the occasion of the birthday of the power plant and the museum, “Baltos lankos” will present literary gifts to ETM visitors.

Guided tours are free with the purchase of a museum visitor’s ticket. Registration is required. Guided tours will be held in Lithuanian.

10.00 | Overview tour of the museum and “Illusions – Science, Mysticism or Deception?”
11.45 | “Lighten Up! This is How a Power Station Works” and “Inventing the Battery”
12.45 | “Made in Vilnius: the History of Urban Technology and Industry”
14.00 | Thematic guided tour in interactive exhibition “Science & Technology for Kids” and “How Did Thomas Light Up a Light Bulb?”
16.00 | “Traditional & Alternative Energy”
17.00 | “100 Years of History” and “3D Printing – From Idea to Thing”

Evening guided tours:

19.30 | “The Smell of Industrial Shadows”; “History of Vilnius Modernization” (in ETM roof terrace, with hot drinks and snacks)
20.30 | “The Smell of Industrial Shadows”; “History of Vilnius Modernization” (in ETM roof terrace, with hot drinks and snacks)

Guided tours and Tesla shows will take place as usual in Transformation Hall. Registration and tickets are here.

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