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In ETM – Lightning, Literally

In the Transformation Hall of the Energy and Technology Museum, you can charge yourself: the human charge is neutral, and the Van de Graaff generator charges us positively. We can share the generated electrons with a friend – we transfer some of our electrons and see an electric discharge.

At the same time, the particles in our bodies push against each other, causing the hair to rise into the air. To make the hair rise as high as possible, it is the most effective:

◾ Not to wear metal objects (jewelry, zip-up jumpers) when using the generator;
◾ Don’t use hair care products beforehand;
◾ Stand on the platforms, if necessary – stand on one leg. This way, the area over which we unload will be smaller. We can easily unload with our hands raised up.

To deliver lightning, hold one hand on the sphere and extend the other to a friend outside the fence that marks the exhibit’s boundaries. If you give the lightning at the moment when you just turned on the generator, it will be weaker, and, on the contrary, if you give the lightning at the end of its operation, when you are heavily charged, the discharge will be bright, noticeable and strong.

WARNING. Visitors with pacemakers and life support equipment are prohibited from using the Van de Graaff generator.

The Van de Graaff Generator is one of more than 20 interactive exhibits in the Transformation Hall. The project is financed from the European Union Regional Development Fund and the budget of Vilnius City Municipality.

Partner: #EnergySmartSTART powered by “Ignitis Group”

Information partner: LRT

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