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Leon Somov. Metamorphosis – a Concert in the ETM Transformation Hall

On April 21st in the Transformation Hall of the Energy and Technology Museum an electrifying spectacle, the program “Metamorphosis” by the famous electronic music artist and producer Leon Somov playing Tesla coils, will take place! “Metamofosis” specially created and performed live by Somov is a unique musical experience and an extraordinary spectacle of the interaction of nature, music and technology.

Using electronic rhythms and the harmony of instrumental music, Somov will expand the unique synthesis of music and enhance the impression of the musical composition “Metamorphosis” by performing it with a rare invention of the innovator Nikola Tesla.

The Tesla coil is a unique device that creates a high-voltage electrical discharge and transmits music electrically. The Tesla coil expresses both deep bass sounds and high frequencies by manipulating the frequency and intensity of the discharges. In “Metamorphosis”, Somov will complement his work with a full spectrum of sounds and a stunning electric spectacle.

Known as an innovative performer, Somov looks for new sound possibilities in the Transformation Hall, which would be impossible to achieve using only traditional instruments. Using lightning music, the artist emphasizes the fusion of music, technology and natural forces – “Metamorphosis”.

Leon Somov. Photo by Andrius Šatas

19.30 – Doors

20.00 – Leon Somov. Metamorphosis

The duration of the event is 1 hour.

The price is 20 EUR.

Tickets are distributed by Paysera. The number of places is limited.

The event of the Energy and Technology Museum is part of the Lithuanian Energy Day commemoration program.

Partners: Vilnius City Municipality and “Vilnius 700” initiative.

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