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Lithuania NATO – 20 Years. Interesting Facts

Celebrating the 20th anniversary of Lithuania’s NATO membership and the 75th anniversary of NATO, the Energy and Technology Museum hosts an interactive exhibition “November. Alpha. Tango. Oscar.”. It represents Lithuania’s path to international organizations and its current contributions to global security.


◾ 10 years. In the pursuit of independence, Lithuania understood the need for armed defense. NATO security was the optimal solution to prevent further aggression. The intricate process of political, military, and economic preparedness took over a decade.

◾Innovators. Lithuanian companies produce and export weapons, laser optics, protection against unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) systems, and other high-tech solutions to NATO. Lithuania, a country with a small area and population, is characterized by innovation and intellectual capital.

◾ November. Alpha. Tango. Oscar. The exhibition’s title employs the NATO phonetic alphabet, assigning each letter a specific word. This standard minimizes errors and misunderstandings among soldiers, especially from different countries.

◾ Parachute simulator. The most daring visitors will be able to feel the differences of free fall from different heights – the so-called HAHO and HALO jumps from 10 km. The simulator reveals the safety measures for soldiers’ landings and the control of modern parachutes.

◾ War trophies. The exhibition features Russian drone weaponry used in the war against Ukraine. The drones, as trophies, were handed over by “NT service”, which supplies Ukraine with suppression systems for unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV). These exhibits highlight new communication technologies and tactical robotic advancements. It is expected that these innovations will have the greatest impact on warfare in the future.

◾ Unity. The creation of the exhibition involved contributions from ambassadors or honorary consuls of all NATO countries in Lithuania. Visitors can see the flags of all NATO allies, presented to the museum by their representatives in Lithuania.

◾ War Museum. Vytautas the Great War Museum lent historical exhibits that illustrate the beginnings of Lithuania’s defense industry. The first training grenades, submachine guns, and other items symbolize Lithuanian resilience and ingenuity.

◾ Shooting simulator. Nowadays, advanced technologies increase the effectiveness of soldiers and protect their lives and health. The shooting simulator will help to learn about the effects of recoil on the body and the importance of gun ergonomics.

◾ Adapting to the evolving international security landscape, NATO adjusts its structures and strategies. Nonetheless, the top priority remains the life of every soldier. Under Article 5 of NATO, each country is committed to providing assistance and participating in collective defense. Hence, the Alliance solidifies itself as a union of nations, assuming responsibility for global security and peace.

The exhibition will be on display from March 29th to December 31th, 2024. Official presentation of the exhibition will take place on April 6th.

Implemented by: Energy and Technology Museum

Financed by: Ministry of National Defence of Lithuania, Office of the Government of the Republic of Lithuania, Vilnius City Municipality

Partners: Vytautas the Great War Museum, Lithuanian army, General Jonas Žemaitis Military Academy of Lithuania, Martynas Mažvydas National Library of Lithuania, National Museum of Lithuania, NT Service, RSI Europe, Ados pro, Granta Solutions, Brolis Semiconductors,  ATRI, Center for Physical Sciences and Technology

Information partner: LRT Kids

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