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May 28th Is Museum Sunday!

On the last Sundays of the month, we invite you to visit the largest technical museum in Lithuania, where you will find: the industrial environment of the old power plant and the remaining authentic equipment; an interactive hall “Science and Technology for Kids”; a bright fun slide; ETM roof terrace; a control panel simulator.

Each weekend, ETM’s Curie or Newton workshops run engaging scientific experiments for the whole family. In the Curie Workshop, we boil liquid nitrogen, using simple household materials produce hydrogen gas and non-Newtonian (both hard and soft) fluid. What vitamin makes iodine colorless when mixed with it? This and more – in the chemistry lab.

In Newton Workshop, we interactively present Newton’s laws, energy losses, pass an electric current through the body, create a fire tornado and experiment with butane gas.

ETM Roof Terrace hosts themed guided tour “A Journey Into History”. An impressive panorama of the capital opens up from the terrace, and the guide will tell you the story of modern Vilnius and its most important inventions: telegraph, television and electricity.

On the weekends we make… “Water Rockets”! Rocket – a vehicle, flying device or weapon? Who invented it and could we make a rocket ourselves? We will launch a working rocket in the air in the ETM courtyard. When planning to participate in the workshop, please bring plastic containers: 2 plastic bottles are needed to make 1 rocket.

The price of additional activity is 2 Eur/person. There is no pre-registration, tickets are available on the spot, at the museum infocenter.

International Poland-Lithuania-Ukraine-Germany exhibition “Borders” is open in Steam Condenser and Turbine Halls of the museum. The artists are questioning, what are borders: how do we set boundaries? Are borders our internal weaknesses and doubts? Are borders a natural division? Do they organize and thus unify diversity? The idea of the exhibition and originated in 2020. Then came the war in Ukraine and our understanding of the concept changed significantly.

There is no pre-registration to Transformation Hall – it will be possible to visit it while waiting in a live queue. Up to 100 visitors can visit the hall at one time. As every weekend, there will be guided tours and a Tesla shows, the price of which is 3.50 Eur/person.

The Transformation Hall was created to inspire interest in science and technology, to present exact sciences in an understandable and engaging way. Each exhibit consists of a historical narrative and an interactive challenge. After completing the challenge, you will generate energy, which will be converted into Quantums of energy, and you can exchange Quantums for souvenirs and a Transformation Hall Engineer certificate.

Powerhouse café “Elektrinė“ opened in the Energy and Technology Museum. Its menu consists of delicious selected coffees and ice-cream.

The full list of free museums on the last Sunday of the month is here.

Let’s meet at the ETM on Sunday, May 28th!

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