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Monthly Exhibit – Electric Heater OS-1,3 / 2-1

Electric heater OS-1,3 / 2-1 TS 2259783-706-94 (1994, Vilnius) is designed for space heating.

Information on the device’s packaging: ‘The electric heater is irreplaceable in your apartment. It is an ideal choice if you want the room to heat up quickly. As soon as the heater is switched on, a pleasant warmth is spread, especially since you can flow the heat in the direction you want. Such heater is most useful where there is no central heating or it is insufficient. By using this electric heater, you save both electricity and money. It can be lifted, moved to another room and easily adapted to apartment’s interior. The device automatically regulates temperature and is protected from overheating.

Vilnius Television Unit Factory, established in 1959 (from 1966 known as Vilnius Radio Components Factory), was one of the largest Lithuanian industrial companies of the Soviet era. Part of the factory production was made for the military use; therefore, the company’s activities were partially kept in secret. In 1994, the Vilnius Radio Component Factory was reorganized into the limited company ‘Vilniaus Vingis’. The company manufactured electrical components for TV, soldering, quality control equipment and other products, including the electric air heater OS-1,3 / 2-1.

The exhibit can be seen at the Industry exhibition of the museum until June 24.

Gift of the Lithuanian Archives of Literature and Art

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