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Museum Night at Energy and Technology Museum

May 13th is the International Museum Night! The Energy and Technology Museum permanent exhibitions of Energy and Industry, the interactive hall “Science & Technology for Kids” (except for the Transformation Hall) will be open to the public, free night tours will be held on the museum roof terrace, and scientific experiments for visitors of all ages will take place up until midnight.

At the entrance to the museum, see the burning installation “The EGGzistence”, which was created last year by the “burner” community “Lithuanian Burners”. The fire burning inside will dance to the rhythms of the music. “The EGGzistence” is an installation about the creation of the world. It is believed that Perkūnas (in mythology also known as Perūnas, or Thunder) created the world by laying an egg, from which fire hatched and thus the life of the whole world was created. “The EGGzistence” invites you to experience the eternal fire through the body – feeling its warmth, watching the flames dancing to existential notes and immersing yourself in a meditative state and stoking your inner fire.

An impressive panorama of the capital opens up from the ETM roof terrace, which we will see at dusk. During the guided tours, we look at the Old Town, New Town, Šnipiškės and Žirmūnai districts that open from here, the history of the city’s creation, the most significant inventions that changed the lives of the people of Vilnius, and the appearance and construction of technically advanced city facilities – the Vilnius Concert and Sports Palace, the Vilnius TV Tower, the three Neris Bridges and others.

DID YOU KNOW? A new book of stories, comics and unseen photographs “Electra. How Did Vilnius Enlighten?” was published in the museum.

ETM roof terrace

The international Polish-Lithuanian-Ukrainian-German exhibition “Borders” is open in the halls of Steam Condensers and Turbines. The idea of the exhibition and its premise originated in 2020. Artists from four countries came together to hold an exhibition analyzing what are geographical, human physical, mental or other limits. After the start of the war in Ukraine, the exhibition and its theme became even more relevant. In 2022, it was shown at Rozruch Art Gallery in Poznań, St. Thomas’s church in Berlin, now also in Vilnius.

Polish-Lithuanian-Ukrainian-German exhibition “Borders”. Photo courtesy of Krzysztof Ślachciak


8.00, 9.30, 11.00 PM – Guided tours on the roof terrace “Vilnius Modernization History”;

8.30, 9.30, 10.30, 11.30 PM – Scientific experiments;

From 8.00 PM to 00.00 AM – The museum expositions will be open for visits and the installation “EGGzistence” will be lit at the ETM entrances. During the Museum Night the Transformation Hall will be closed. During the day, admission to the museum is as usual.

From 9.30 PM, in the courtyard of the ETM a concert for the theremin instrument “FrenkelVox” and video projections “Spot-Lightning” will take place. Three new compositions will be performed by the creator of sound art, educator Tata Frenkel, and the author of projections – Nidas Kaniušas. Theremin concert – for an additional fee (10 Eur for adults, 6 Eur for kids, students and seniors).

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