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On April 6th – Exhibition “November. Alpha. Tango. Oscar.” Opening

The official opening and presentation of the interactive exhibition “November. Alpha. Tango. Oscar.” will take place on April 6th. In the event, the Lithuanian Land Force, the Lithuanian Navy, Lithuanian National Defence Volunteer Forces, Lithuanian Armed Forces engineers, Communications and Information Systems Battalion will participate, showcasing the latest technology, vehicles, equipment and weapons.

Relevant discussions with Strategic Communication Department of the Lithuanian Armed Forces, National Cyber Security Centre, Vilnius University Institute of International Relations and Political Science, representatives, historians and political scientists will take place. High-tech companies will present innovations developed in Lithuania. The interactive exhibition includes 4 simulators: parachute, drone suppression, communications and shooting.

The event is free.

The exhibition will be on display from March 29th to December 31st, 2024.


10.00 AM-6.30 PM – Outdoor and indoor exposition by Lithuanian army

Exsposition by Maži bet stiprūs, Broliai Semiconductors, Granta Solutions

10.30 AM. – Official opening speech and word of welcome

11.15 AM. – Discussion “The Main Objective of NATO Is to Ensure the Freedom and Security of Allies. NATO – the Guarantee of Peace and Security?”

13.15 PM. – Discussion “War and (Dis)Information. Harm, Benefit and How to Recognize?”

15.15 PM. – Discussion “Future Warfare: From Modernizing Equipment to Artificial Intelligence”

18.30 PM. – Acoustic Concert By Ieva Taraskevičiūtė (General Jonas Žemaitis Military Academy of Lithuania)


Underwater drone K-STER

The Grand Lithuanian Hetman Kristupas Radvila Perkūnas Communications and Information Systems Battalion

CRAFTER modules with radio communication equipment | Hawkeye L3 satellite (outdoors)

Colonel Juozas Vitkus Engineer Battalion

Self-propelled manipulator TEODOR | fuse suppressor | rocket launcher of explosives | bomb detector EL 1302D1 | mine detector |  X-ray machine |  protective suit EOD7B

Infantry Brigade Iron Wolf

Automatic rifle G36 with the latest optics | thermal cameras | rangefinders. The modern soldier’s equipment: bulletproof vest, the latest helmet, headphones, goggles and all the essentials for every soldier

Lithuanian National Defence Volunteer Forces

ATVs | motorcycles | modernized M14 | SFP9

The Lithuanian Navy

Underwater drone K-STER

Self-propelled manipulator TEODOR


“The Main Objective of NATO Is to Ensure the Freedom and Security of Allies. NATO – the Guarantee of Peace and Security?”

Why was it important for post-independent Lithuania to join international organizations and how long did it take? What are the core values of NATO that apply to every ally and every soldier? Does Article 5 guarantee peace for all NATO member countries? Is NATO enlargement an imaginary threat to aggressors?

“War and (Dis)Information. Harm, Benefit and How to Recognize?”

A large part of warfare is going digital, including cyber-attacks and propaganda. How to ensure security? How does the media verify public information and why is it important to be critical of the images that appear online? Disinformation harms and… benefits?

“Future Warfare: From Modernizing Equipment to Artificial Intelligence”

What technological innovations are being developed by those Lithuanian companies that export their production to NATO? Which technologies are becoming increasingly relevant? What are the biggest and most important capabilities of Lithuanian researchers? Lithuania, a small country in terms of area and population, is particularly capable in terms of engineering and technical intelligence.


General Jonas Žemaitis Military Academy of Lithuania, Junior Officer Command Training listener, Airman Recruit – Ieva Taraskevičiūtė. Ieva – Vilnius Gediminas Technical University Antanas Gustaitis’ Aviation Institute student, singer and creator. The acoustic program includes well-known Lithuanian songs, songs about Lithuania and original works.

Ieva Taraskevičiūtė


Like every weekend, Energy and Technology Museum will host scientific experiments throughout the day, guided tours of the Transformation Hall with a Tesla show, and tours of the “The Machines of Leonardo da Vinci” exhibition. The international traveling exhibition will be open until April 14th, so this is one of the last opportunities to see it in Vilnius.

Prices for additional activities are: science experiments – 2 Eur/person., guided tours – 3 Eur/person.

Exhibition “November. Alpha. Tango. Oscar.” is organized to mark the 20th anniversary of Lithuania’s membership of NATO and the European Union and the 75th anniversary of NATO. Lithuania, a small and young country, contributes to the alliance through its high-technology development and leading intellectual resources.

Implemented by: Energy and Technology Museum

Financed by: Ministry of National Defence of Lithuania,  Office of the Government of the Republic of LithuaniaVilnius City Municipality

Partners: Vytautas the Great War MuseumLithuanian armyGeneral Jonas Žemaitis Military Academy of LithuaniaMartynas Mažvydas National Library of LithuaniaNational Museum of Lithuania, NT Service, RSI EuropeAdos proGranta SolutionsBrolis Semiconductors,  ATRI, Center for Physical Sciences and Technology

Information partner: LRT Kids


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