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Listen to the Audioguide at the Exhibition “The Machines of Leonardo Da Vinci”

Good news for Energy and Technology Museum visitors – from now on, listen to the audio guide in Lithuanian and English at the exhibition “The Machines of Leonardo da Vinci”.

We invite you to visit the Turbine Hall, where the international interactive exhibition is on display. It consists of dozens of large, smaller, interactive exhibits and reproductions of Leonardo da Vinci’s most famous works.

“The Machines of Leonardo da Vinci”

The exhibition showcases the work of the universal genius who painted the Mona Lisa and drew the plans for a helicopter in the 15th century. Military, flying machines and hydraulic devices are among the dozens of inventions reconstructed from da Vinci’s original sketches. Interactive exhibits allow everyone to see for themselves the mechanisms of inventions that were centuries ahead of their time and inspired modern engineering.

To learn more about the famous engineer’s inventions, scan the audioguide’s QR code and hear how the extraordinary Renaissance genius thought, centuries ahead of his contemporaries.

Hear how the first parachute was constructed, why the first parachute was built in the 15th century and why the Renaissance was so important to the world. The artist, who considered himself a pacifist, was interested in military engineering and weaponry, the function of the engineer’s jack, and the special features of one of the oldest known types of bridge construction, the horse bridge designed by the artist.

If you would like to learn more about the Renaissance creator and hear his story live, you are welcome to join guided tours led by professional ETM guides-educators: on weekdays at 5 PM, on weekends at 11 AM and 5 PM in Lithuanian, 1.30 PM in Russian or Ukrainian, and 2.30 PM in English.

Listen to the audioguide here.

Visiting the exhibition – for a visitor’s ticket +3.50 Eur/person. Visit the museum for free on the last Sunday of the month.

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