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New “Upcycling” Season – Create an Interactive Exhibit!

Energy and Technology Museum invites Vilnius schoolchildren and students to join the project “Upcycling – Bring Old Electronics to New Life!”, which will take place from August 21st to December 29th. The museum team invites you to express yourself in technical creation, using new and already used components of electronic equipment.

Why is it worth participating in the project?

ETM has been developing and delivering interactive installations for several years. In 2021, 6 new “Upcycling” exhibits were created, which all museum visitors can see and try today. Last year, the project participants not only created interactive exhibits, but also contributed to the opening of the new modern exposition, the Transformation Hall. The museum’s electronics and mechanics workshops are equipped with the latest equipment, and the workshop curator will help you learn how to use it.

The interactive installation project is an educational tool for the younger generation that promotes self-expression in technical creation, it provides practical knowledge, contributes to a sustainable society and initiates a meaningful dialogue between academia and the museum. The project partner is “EMP Recycling”, which contributes to the development of a modern waste sorting and recycling system.

During the project, creative meetings will take place in the ETM electronics workshop, participants will generate installation ideas and discuss their implementation. An opening event will take place at the end of the project in December.

If your school has a FabLab workshop, you can contribute to the project by creating installations at your school. The museum, together with “EMP Recycling”, will provide all the necessary tools for the implementation of your creative ideas, and the works created will also be presented at the Energy and Technology Museum.

The authors of the most innovative installations will be awarded with the prizes established by the electronics store “Anodas” – “the gifts that inspire creation”. The project sponsor is Vilnius City Municipality.

Those interested are invited to write to [email protected].

Let’s breathe new life into old electronics together!

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