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On June 16th – Culture Night in ETM

On June 16th, on Culture Night, the Energy and Technology Museum will host: “Theremin on the Roof. A Concert with History”, orienteering competitions, a new program “Exhibits Leave Showcases”, educational activities for the whole family – “A Journey Into History” on the roof terrace, “Water Rocket” and scientific experiments. Free admission to the museum – from 6.30 PM to midnight.




6.30 PM to 7.15 PM“A Journey Into History” on the roof terrace. An impressive panorama of the capital opens up from here, and during the tour the ETM guide will tell you about the history of Vilnius’ modernization and the most important inventions: telegraph, television and electricity.

7 PM to 8 PMOrienteering competition. The museum challenges the most active participants of the Culture Night. Discover the historical building from an unexpected angle as you orient yourself. Speed and attention will be important in the competition, as we will reward the first finishers.

7 PM to midnightScientific experiments in the ETM courtyard. We will experiment with liquid nitrogen, mix household materials, produce a (Non)Newtonian fluid, observe a fire tornado and hold fire in the palm of our hand.

7 PM to midnight“Water Rocket” in the ETM courtyard. Rocket – a vehicle, flying device or weapon? Who invented it and could we make a rocket ourselves? Get ready for a water rocket flight! *When planning to participate in the workshop, please bring plastic containers: 2 plastic bottles are needed to make 1 rocket.

7 PM to midnight – The exhibits leave the showcases in the Turbine Hall. The exhibits of the Energy and Technology Museum housed under protective glass and in museum funds will see the moonlight during the Culture Night. We will look at the most interesting technical exhibits, test them, and guess what are they made for?

8 PM to 8.45 PM“A Journey Into History” on the roof terrace

8 PM to 9.30 PMOrienteering competition

10 PM to 11 PM“Theremin on the Roof. A Concert with History”. During the concert on the roof terrace of the old power plant, we will listen not only to a unique instrument – the theremin – but also to the performer Tata Frenkel’s performative story about the instrument controlled in space, its properties, acousmatic inviolability, spies, flying people and invisible bodies.

10.30 PM to 11.30 PMOrienteering competition

In ETM entrances – burning installation “The EGGzistence”.

The international Polish-Lithuanian-Ukrainian-German exhibition “Borders” is open in the halls of Steam Condenser and Turbine.

Museum opening hours on Culture Night: 6.30 PM to 0.00 AM.

Events are free.

The Transformation Hall will be closed on Culture Night.

Visiting the museum during the day is paid.

The entire program of Culture Night events –

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