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On the LRT Opus Broadcast – a Recording of the Performance of Andrius Mamontovas

The opening of the new Transformation Hall was broadcast live and filmed by “LRT Opus”. “Opus” is a radio station of quality contemporary rock and electronic music. And Andrius Mamontovas’ performance was exceptional and unique – he was the first in Lithuania to play with Tesla coils – the lightning.

In autumn, Mamontovas installed the light and sound installation “Electric Diva” in the Energy and Technology Museum. It was created together with artist Jolita Vaitkutė, the installation is dedicated to the pioneer of electronic music, theremin virtuoso Clara Rockmore. Mamontovas was the initiator of the project, at that time the friendship between the museum and the artist began.“I’m trying to imagine what such a power looked like a hundred years ago – perhaps like a manifestation of deities. We see an instrument of incredible sound, timbre, volume, which can be controlled and produce two notes at the same time, because there are two Tesla coils. At the same time, it is a grateful instrument, it makes an impression by itself, people look at it with amazed child’s eyes. Transformation Hall is a great place for experimental performances, huge possibilities will open up in the future,” Mamontovas was convinced.

Full broadcast recording:

You can find photos of the event in the gallery.

LRT is Transformation Hall information partner.

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