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On Weekends – Scientific Experiments for The Whole Family

On weekends we invite you to take part in fun scientific experiments in Chemistry Laboratory (Curie Workshop) in the Energy and Technology Museum. The activity is dedicated to the whole family and anyone interested in chemical elements, their properties and the exciting science of materials.

  • In the first experiment, we boil liquid nitrogen. 196-degree cold nitrogen can freeze any substance that contains water – flower, fruit or berry. The bravest will taste freshly frozen treats during the experiment. And when nitrogen is added to boiling water, a thick cloud of nitrogen gas forms due to the temperature difference.
  • Another experiment is the exothermic reaction of acids and bases. When household chemicals are mixed with foil, heat and hydrogen gas are released. We will watch how hydrogen gas, which is most commonly found throughout the Universe, inflate into a balloon and rise into the air due to the heat.
  • Elephant toothpaste – the third experiment – is another exothermic reaction. Why the concentration of substances is important and how, miscounted, instead of soap for humans a toothpaste for elephants can be made?

Experiments take place on weekends:





On the basement floor of the ETM, in the Curie Workshop named after the famous scientist Marie Curie. Laboratory visitors will be provided with protective gowns and goggles. Meeting place is the ETM information center. Participation of children (up to 12 years old) – with adult supervision.

Duration of the experiments – 40 min.

Price – 2 Eur.

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