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Open Call for Artists 2022

Energy and Technology Museum in Vilnius invites artists to exhibit their work in various settings in museum in 2022.

The Energy and Technology Museum in Vilnius is housed in a former power plant launched in 1903 and shut down in 1998. The power plant was damaged during World War II but was subsequently rebuilt, and much of the original equipment can still be seen at the museum.

Museum surroundings are unique therefore we challenge artists to engage in these spaces through installations, exhibits or screenings.

Previously artists as Özkan Bal, Alejandro Olarte, Gia Ram, Inga Dinga, Danas Aleksa, Algimantas Aleksandravičius, Ieva Juršėnaitė, Adomas Vasiliauskas and others have shown their work here.

Museum offers various exhibition spaces free of charge. We also take care of artists’ presentation in media and our social media.

To apply please submit your resume and short exhibition concept with visual components (images, graphics, videos, sketches). Please specify desirable date for your exhibition in year 2022 for a minimum of one month.

Please send your application via email [email protected].

Check out our virtual 3D tour here.

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