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Pijus Ganusauskas‘ Photography Exhibition “From the Dark” Opens In the Boiler Hall

On May 28th, the photography exhibition “From the Dark” by Pijus Ganusauskas opens in the Boiler Hall of the Energy and Technology Museum. During the opening, the meeting with the author will take place. The exhibition will be on display until September 1st, 2024.


“The day is over. Darkness covered the world. However, man decided to fight back a part of the world that was drowning in darkness and bring certain parts of it back into the field of vision. For this, electricity is used, which, in the form of a street lamp, an illuminated LED road sign, an advertising screen or in other forms, creates various light scenarios. During the day, the world we see is colored by nature, and at night – by man. What does the world we create tell us about ourselves? I want to show our joint creativity, which is often created without thinking about it, in order to achieve specific pragmatic goals (illuminate a parking lot, make a road sign visible, etc.). But in spite of that (or maybe because of it), an incredible variety is achieved, through which the person themselves is revealed. Rationally created objects with one clear function turn into sculptures, mystical objects, film frames at night, lose part of their function, but acquire other meanings. It is interesting to dream, if I had the chance, what would I pluck from the darkness? Or another person. How different would our worlds be?”

Pijus Ganusauskas


Pijus Ganusauskas was born and grew up in Kaunas. In 2016, he graduated from the Lithuanian Academy of Music and Theater. Since then, he has been actively participating in the cultural life of Lithuania: he played in theatre productions of E. Nekrošius, O. Koršunovas, S. Loznica, A. Špilevojus and other directors. In recent years, he played in the films of cinema directors M. Kavtaradzė, A. Blaževičius, T. Laucius. He plays in music bands “Homechestra”, “Judu”. Photographed and organized personal exhibitions in Vilnius Photography Gallery (2024), 8 Eyes and Ears Gallery (2023), Art and Science Laboratory (2021).


In Ganusauskas’s photographs, one can see the aspiration to show the Lithuanian landscape, as well as the cityscape, in a new way, consciously abandoning the aesthetics of lyricism, soft color palette, gloom, and boredom. Looking for a bright, clear composition, a meditative, minimalistic, animation-like image, balancing on the border of unnaturalness. The author boldly experiments with bright, often monochrome colors. His work emphasizes the difference between unbiased observation and consumerist viewing. It is through careful observation that the strangeness and unnaturalness of the environment is revealed, which the photographer tries to capture in his photographs.

◾ The exhibition will be on display from May 28th to September 1st, 2024.
◾ The opening of the exhibition will take place on May 28th, at 5.30 PM. The event is free of admission charge.
◾ Visiting the exhibition on other days – after purchasing a museum visitor’s ticket.

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