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Additional Guided Tours of the “Machines of Leonardo da Vinci” Exhibition

On the weekend, we announce additional guided tours to the “Machines of Leonardo da Vinci” exhibition. With an ETM guide, you will see dozens of inventions reconstructed from the sketches of the Italian Renaissance artist and inventor Leonardo da Vinci, as well as reproductions of his most famous works, including the “Mona Lisa”, the “Savior of the World” and the famous fresco “The Last Supper”.
The guided tours present the most interesting facts about the Renaissance genius, his work and technical innovations that led to the emergence of many inventions used today in the modern age. Guided tours will take place:
◾ 11 AM (in Lithuanian)
◾ 1:30 PM (in Russian)
◾ 2:30 PM (in English)
◾ 5 PM (in Lithuanian)
Guided tours – for the price of a ticket. The price of visiting the exhibition consists of a museum visitor’s ticket +3.50 Eur. There is no pre-registration. More about guides tours is here.
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