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March 11th at Energy and Technology Museum

On March 11th, national holiday, Energy and Technology Museum will be open during normal business hours from 10 AM to 6.30 PM. We invite you to join us for the day of restoration of Independence of Lithuania and on this occasion the museum will host the European Film Forum “Scanorama” program “Interwar Lithuania Through the Lens of Film Chronicles (1938)”, the exhibition “Salve, Vilnius’DCC” dedicated to the 700th anniversary of Vilnius, as every weekend – scientific experiments and thematic guided tours in the Transformation Hall. Here, as lightning strikes, we will hear the national anthem of Lithuania.

“Scanorama” invites you to join a cinematic adventure – to feel like discoverers, detectives and time travelers – the program “Interwar Lithuania Through the Lens of Film Chronicles (1938)” will be shown all day.

Programmer, film restorer, archivist Aleksas Gilaitis states: “This is an eloquent historical document that reveals a living connection between the past and the present. Dates and political circumstances change, but a person’s view of himself and the environment around him does not change. It is a cinematic adventure that denies that chronicles are only the territory of historians and archivists.”

“Scanorama” founder and art director Gražina Arlickaitė:
“A free and prosperous Lithuania in the 20th year of Independence, counting cultural, industrial and sports achievements – sounds optimistic and very modern, although the program takes us to one of the most hopeful periods of the country’s history – the interwar period. Such a repetition of history gives a bright mood and invites us to celebrate by remembering that we must defend our hard-won freedom every day with our actions and choices.”

This week, the occasional exhibition “Salve, Vilnius’DCC” was complemented by children’s creations. Like the professional artists, the young creators were given the task of creating works of round shapes. This part of the exhibition is intended to unite Vilnius children’s and youth clubs, employees and children. The exhibition is open in the Boiler Hall and on the roof terrace.

In the Transformation Hall, on a special occasion, Tesla shows will take place in a somewhat unusual way – here you will be able to hear the National Anthem played by lightning.

Congratulations on the upcoming March 11!

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