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I. General information

The online ticket sales system can be used to purchase tickets to visit Energy and Technology Museum (hereinafter also the Museum). The tickets may be purchased in the Republic of Lithuania and abroad, in places with Internet connection. Payments shall be made via the payment system The offered payment methods include the majority of electronic banking services of Lithuanian banks and credit cards.

II. Rules of ticket purchase

When purchasing tickets online, visitors shall make sure that they have chosen the correct service, date, visitor categories and the number of tickets.

Children from 0 to 6 years of age visit ETM for free.
Having chosen the tickets, the visitor shall enter the data required in the system, check the cart information to make sure that it is correct. By purchasing tickets, the visitor agrees to the terms and conditions of ticket purchase and use.
Having chosen the “Invoice required” option, an electronic invoice shall be generated based on the provided personal or business data. It shall be sent to the visitor’s e-mail address together with e-tickets.
Payments shall be made via the payment system
After receiving a successful payment response from, e-tickets shall be sent to the visitor to his/her specified e-mail address.

III. Rules of ticket use

Visitors shall be admitted to the Museum or a ticketed event held in the museum only having presented a valid ticket purchased at the Museum’s ticket office or on the website
Having purchased an e-ticket and arrived at the Museum, the visitor shall present a printed e-ticket or an e-ticket code on his/her mobile device at the entrance. The visitor shall be responsible for  mobile Internet and/or other ways used to open each code.
The ticket shall be valid for the specific purpose of visit indicated therein or the event at the specific date and time only. A visitor having left the area which requires a Museum ticket shall not be admitted to this area with the same ticket for the second time.
If a ticket was purchased with a discount, the visitor shall present a personal identification document or another document certifying his/her right to a discount at the entrance. If the visitor can not present such a document, the visitor shall pay the difference between the standard ticket price and the discount ticket price at the Museum’s ticket office.

Tickets shall be scanned and marked only once, and shall be valid for one person only. Control scanners display the first scan date and time. If a ticket is submitted for scanning a second time, the visitor shall not be admitted.
Visitors shall save the ticket and receipt (if the ticket was purchased at the ticket office) till the end of the visit to the Museum or the event.
Tickets shall not be exchanged, and money shall not be returned, unless the visit was impossible or the event did not take place at the fault of Museum.
If the visit to the Museum was not possible or the event did not take place at the fault of ETM,
tickets purchased at the ticket office may be returned in the ticket office where they were purchased. To claim the money paid, the purchased tickets and their receipt shall be presented at the ticket office. Tickets purchased on the website may be returned by sending a request and the e-ticket to [email protected].


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